To be a leader in providing Prescribed & Economical Medicines at your Home helping you live happier and healthier lives


Our Mission is to deliver your prescribed medicines purchased online through our store - delivering health at home. People who are health compromised, those who are away on job locations and are concerned about the well being/health of their loved ones at home, busy professionals can purchase prescribed drugs through us.


MERIMEDICINES is dream project of Codeplus Technologies LLP., Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Codeplus Technologies LLP. is a closely-held professionally managed company. Started off as an enterprise to provide knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) services to clients worldwide.

It has been diversified into retailing medicines online for home delivery. We, at MeriMedicines, sense feeling of extreme contentment when our esteemed customers purchase our medical products for their healthy lives.

Our Experience

We have an experience of 21 years in Pharma-marketing showing a high level of commitment, dedication, sincerity, hard work and single-minded focus towards work and a deep sense of respect for customer’s welfare. We also keep ourselves abreast of the latest of developments in the field of medicine; utilise its finer points and benefits to our customer’s advantage. The switch over of information to online format is one such step.

Brand Positioning

In each of its work arenas, the company is a major player and is respected by Customers and competition alike. Driven by innovative and educational zeal, the company has transformed the way business is done in the marketplace; whether it is transforming computer skills into Corporate-requirements or medical support to ailing humans in India at their Home. This website is a simple presentation of all that we stand for and all that we can do for you.


The bond of mutual trust and belief, our customers and we have in one another, has been smooth and just got better with each passing day. It is almost something of a rapid-fire trust, an implicit one and one, which gets wider with each of this relationship. We hope the same effect plays up when our esteemed readers cull through the information trivia that follows ahead.


We aim to improve upon our work approach, as such we invite our patrons to put forward their viewpoints to us vide our Email ID. We hope that we will continue to sail with one another ahead in the same manner as possible over the years.

Please Note

No Emergency Medication
We don't accept Online purchase of Emergency Drugs/Services for Home Delivery

Prescription Mandatory
Upload/Handover prescription strictly to abide by "Schedule H & H1 Drug as per GSR 588 (E) dated 30.8.2013-Drugs and Cosmetics (Fourth Amendment) Rules, 2013"

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About Us | Contact Us | 24x7 Email Support is an e-commerce website that sells prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines (that do not require any prescription) online. We accept and fulfil orders only within India. We are a fully owned subsidiary of Codeplus Technologies LLP, Bangalore. Besides selling medicines online we also offer some value added services like collecting Pathology samples on demand and simple routine health checkups at home. We will try our best to ensure that we always supply genuine medicines at cheapest price. Our medical profile management system is not mandatory. Its upon the user to avail the facility. Please check our privacy policy for more information on data retention and use. All rights reserved and Codeplus Technologies LLP, Bangalore.